The IDW Center Inc. is a vision given to Bishop Isaac D. Wilkes that has come into fruition with expressed intent of introducing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to children, educating children and developing self discipline and respect. The IDW Center is committed to providing an environment of excellence for preschool children, nurturing care for daycare participants and an atmosphere of achievement for after school enrollees.

The IDW Center employs certified teachers, counselors and volunteers to develop and administer learning curriculum that exceed the State of Florida requirements for all children in their respective stages of learning achievement.

Our mission is to establish a loving, caring, fun, safe, and learning environment for every child. We will strive to develop each child's strength of mind, heart and character. We promise to do everything possible to extend the growth of their minds, heart and character. This will start with our infants to five years olds and school age.

The IDW Child Care Center will encourage the importance of five life building principles to ensure that the mind as well the spirit of children are developed and nurtured to Christian maturity.

  1. Love God with all your mind, body, and soul.
  2. Love yourself.
  3. Respect others and discipline yourself.
  4. Share with others.
  5. Be healthy wealthy and wise.